Bot MD partners with inHarmony Clinic chain to launch A.I. powered vaccination scheduling and monitoring in Indonesia

2 October 2022

Bot MD has partnered with leading vaccination clinic chain inHarmony Clinic to help automate their vaccination scheduling and post-vaccination monitoring workflows through an A.I. powered WhatsApp interface to improve convenience and access for their patients.

The Bot MD Care platform allows inHarmony Clinic doctors and nurses to automatically set scheduling reminders for vaccinations and monitor their patients for post-vaccination symptoms and side effects. The platform uses WhatsApp as the patient facing interface to enable inHarmony patients to easily book appointments online and receive reminder messages about their upcoming vaccination appointments as well as care.

Clinics using the platform can automate vaccination scheduling reminders for 16 pediatric vaccinations and 16 adult vaccinations according to PAPDI and IDAI guidelines. Patients can also easily submit their symptoms and health status through simple forms sent to them in WhatsApp. Bot MD's A.I. will also triage patient submissions to alert clinic staff when their patients need help so they can intervene quickly.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our patients' awareness of the growing importance of vaccinations. Bot MD's vaccination patient scheduling and monitoring platform is timely as it will make it convenient for both new and existing patients to secure appointments with inHarmony and ensure they don't miss their next appointment.”

Dr Kristoforus Hendra Djaya
CEO, inHarmony Clinic

inHarmony plans to roll out the platform to all of its clinics in Jakarta as well as to all of the inHarmony affiliate clinics across Indonesia.

"Every newborn in Indonesia requires at least 15 vaccinations and it is difficult for mothers to keep track of their child's vaccination schedule. The Bot MD Care platform will help to simplify vaccination care for inHarmony and its partner clinics, making it convenient for both pediatric and adult vaccination patients to return to these clinics for subsequent vaccinations while being assured that the clinics will be alerted when abnormal symptoms are submitted."

Ms Dorothea Koh
CEO and Co-Founder,
Bot MD


All screenshots are shown for illustration purpose only and do not contain actual patient data.

Instantly Make Appointments for Clinic Services

Both existing and new patients can instantly make appointments for vaccination and other services that are available in InHarmony and its partner clinics.


Appointment Confirmation and Rescheduling

After each clinic appointment is made online, patients will receive a confirmation message in WhatsApp. They can also click on the link to cancel or reschedule their appointments conveniently.


Clinic Dashboard

Every clinic using Bot MD Care platform can easily enrol their patients into their respective vaccination programme. The platform also automatically alerts and triages patients who need help after vaccination.


About Bot MD

Bot MD is a Y-Combinator backed startup with the mission of Empowering Doctors around the world. The company’s proprietary A.I. chat engine is able to integrate with hospital information systems to provide instant answers to doctor and patient queries. Bot MD can also power popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and LINE to help doctors easily automate patient workflows. Since 2018, Bot MD has been used by over 18,000 clinicians from leading hospitals and clinics around the world including the National University Health System, the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore, Alexandra Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Parkway Radiology, the National Kidney Transplant Institute and Siloam Hospitals. For more information, visit

About inHarmony Clinic

We are a group of clinics and medical practitioners, joining our cause together to increase health awareness and improve preventive health measures in our communities. Our mission is to become the leading health prevention clinics in Indonesia. And that is why we aspire to be Disease Prevention Expert. Founded in 2011 by dr. Kristoforus Hendra Djaya, SpPD, MBA – now becoming the Chief Executive Officer of inHarmony Clinic, the idea of creating a network of vaccination providers and disease prevention clinic has spread through several cities across Indonesia, covering most Indonesian big cities.

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