Granostic Center integrates its latest Granostic Siaga service with Bot MD's A.I. powered WhatsApp platform

11 November 2022

Granostic announced a partnership with A.I. health technology startup Bot MD to use their A.I. powered WhatsApp platform to enhance patient experience for their newest Surabaya Clinic. The Bot MD platform allows Granostic to easily automate clinic appointment reminders, post visit monitoring for chronic patients as well as patient education.

Patients who are found to be at risk of developing high cholesterol, diabetes, anemia, arthritis, dengue fever, COVID-19, typhoid fever, liver disease, and hepatitis B based on their medical test report will be registered with Granostic Siaga service using the Bot MD Care platform.

Each patient will receive WhatsApp reminders to submit their symptoms which will be monitored by Granostic's clinical team. They will also receive WhatsApp reminders to return to the clinic for their next medical test.

Furthermore, patients' enquiries can be managed directly through WhatsApp, giving patients the convenience of finding out about other services at Granostic Center and communicating with the clinic through the messaging app that they are most familiar with.

“We are excited to work with Bot MD to make it more convenient for our patients to keep track of their medical test schedule with WhatsApp reminders and have their enquiries addressed directly through WhatsApp."

Prof Hananiel Prakasa Widjaya
Commissioner, PT Persada Medika Utama

"Bot MD Care's A.I. powered platform that is integrated with WhatsApp has been used by many clinics and hospitals to automate key patient and clinic workflows. We welcome Granostic on board our platform which will help them to bring their patient experience to the next level."

Yuwono Utomo
Country Head,
Bot MD Indonesia


All screenshots are shown for illustration purpose only and do not contain actual patient data.

Patient Monitoring Dashboard

Patients who have signed up for Granostic clinic's health screening programmes will be enrolled on Bot MD Care's patient monitoring dashboard to help Granostic's clinical team easily automate the patient reminders that they need to send.


WhatsApp Reminder

Patients will receive information about Granostic clinic's services and their upcoming health screening on WhatsApp.


Patient Monitoring

Chronic disease patients will be enrolled to self report their blood glucose or cholesterol levels.


About Bot MD

Bot MD is a Y-Combinator backed startup with the mission of Empowering Doctors around the world. The company’s proprietary A.I. chat engine is able to integrate with hospital information systems to provide instant answers to doctor and patient queries. Bot MD can also power popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and LINE to help doctors easily automate patient workflows. Since 2018, Bot MD has been used by over 18,000 clinicians from leading hospitals and clinics around the world including the National University Health System, the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore, Alexandra Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Parkway Radiology, the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, and Siloam Hospitals. For more information, visit

About Granostic Center

Granostic Center is a clinical laboratory in Surabaya since 2007, and has been providing comprehensive, accurate and fast medical check up for individual patients and corporate customers. Granostic Center constantly innovates its services to support public health in areas such as microbiology test, genomic, radiology and health monitoring service which is supported by Bot MD.

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