Clinical Use Cases

Bot MD Care has helped clinical teams around the world scale patient monitoring, care and education through automating workflows and powering chat platforms.

Popular use cases

Outpatient monitoring

Customize your own patient monitoring program. Bot MD can collect a wide range of patient information including free text, images, videos, symptoms etc.

Medication compliance

Automate medication and drug dosing reminders, collection of patient reported outcomes, symptoms or side effects.

Patient education

Train Bot MD to instantly answer patient FAQs. Automate the sending of pre-visit registration forms, prep instructions before their appointment visit.

Clinical Monitoring programs

View use cases and monitoring forms by clinical area.


Better manage your post-acute and chronic hypertension patients, heart failure patients and more. Send medication reminders and collect information on blood pressure, blood glucose and symptoms.

Patient enrollment form
Blood pressure monitoring
Heart failure monitoring

Clinical trials

Scale the monitoring of your clinical trial patients with Bot MD Care. Collect patient reported outcomes, symptoms, drug dosing and appointment visit reminders and instantly answer questions on FAQs such as prohibited drugs or clinical trial logistics.

Clinical trial enrollment form
Clinical trial monitoring form


Monitor and manage your chronic diabetes patients, gestational diabetes patients, or even patients who are put on insulin therapy for the first time. Send insulin reminders and collect information on meals, blood glucose, symptoms and more.

Blood glucose & meal monitoring
Gestational diabetes

Infectious Diseases

Monitor vital signs for COVID-19 patients in isolation or track medication adherence for Tuberculosis through patient image submissions.

COVID-19 Vital Signs monitoring
Tuberculosis Medication compliance


Monitor a wide range of Nephrology conditions and clinical parameters  including lab values, peritonitis symptoms, infection in vascular access sites and more.

Peritonitis Detection
HD Vascular Access site
Chronic Kidney Disease (Monthly)


Manage post-acute stroke patients, Parkinson's Disease patients and more. Monitor symptoms, vital signs, medication intake times and compliance to your prescription.

Spinal cord injury
Parkinson's Disease


Monitor symptoms, adverse events, medication compliance and more for new chemotherapy patients. Send automated drug-specific dosing reminders and education on side effects and more.

Chemotherapy Symptom Monitoring
Promiside monitoring
Pre-Genetic Counseling Family History


Monitor childhood asthma, hemophilia dosing, child development progress and more.

Childhood Asthma Monitoring form

Primary Care

Monitor a wide range of chronic diseases and outpatient conditions.

Blood pressure & Blood glucose monitoring
Cardiac outpatient monitoring
Caregiver home visit

Rehabilitation Medicine

Monitor recovery progress for post-surgery and spinal cord injury patients. Capture mobility videos, pain scores, symptoms, vital signs and more.

Spinal cord injury


Monitor post-surgical outcomes including automatic form scoring, collection of patient mobility videos and wound healing images and more.

Post Knee Surgery (RAPT)
Post Hand Surgery (QuickDASH)


Monitor post-surgical outcomes including automatic form scoring, urine volume, collection of wound healing images and more.

Post Urology surgery monitoring (Double J Stent)

Improve patient engagement

Improve patient education and engagement through powering your patient's favorite chat apps.

Genetic Counseling Education

Bot MD helped to power the National University Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS) WhatsApp channel to provide education to women who are suspected of having a genetic predisposition to or are at high risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC).

The Bot also automated reminders to patients to fill in a Family History form prior to their appointment visit, and sends interactive infographics based on the patient's phase in the journey from pre-counseling to post-counseling and post-genetic testing.